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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Can I put a TV above the fireplace?

    Not really! There is a distance to combustible materials above the stove which is typically 350mm, but a TV could fry its circuity or warp, so we advise not to fit a tv above a stove. However, if this is the set up you really want then an oak beam fitted on the front of the chimney breast can reduce the amount of heat affecting the TV, no guarantees though!!

    Can I cook on the stove?

    Yes, a lot of stoves have large enough surface area on top of them to boil a kettle or tick over a slow stew. Some of the Chilli Billie stoves we have include dedicated ovens inbuilt for the pizza enthusiasts out there.

    What fuel can I use?

    Stoves can be wood only or multifuel, it depends on the stove. We advise using wood only as it is carbon neutral, but if you want to burn anthracites check the manual for a list of approved fuels. Don’t burn wet wood or treated wood as this will damage the flue liner. If you want to run the stove 24/7 there are carbon neutral alternatives out there such as Hotty heat logs or Peat briquetters.4

    What's the running cost?

    In this instance it’s a case of ‘how long’s a piece of string’! In all honesty, it depends on what fuel, where you source it from. But typically, a bulky bag of wood will cost you £100.

    Cleaning and servicing?

    A stove needs cleaning along with its flue at least once a year. This is essential and cost effective. If you don’t clean the flue it will void the stove and flue warranty. The reason is the flue will start to reduce in diameter as the soot deposits harden on the inside of the flue. This is dangerous for two reasons, firstly it will become a fire risk, and secondly it will restrict the draw that removes the poisonous emissions from the room. Sweeping the flue regularly each year prevents this as the soot is still soft and comes off easily. SWFP offer a comprehensive sweep and service of the flue and stove. WE sweep the flue as well as giving your stove a MOT.

    What's a kilowatt rating?

    It is essential to get the right size kilowatt rating of your stove to suit the rooms dimensions and insulation levels. Hetas get more complaints about stoves been too hot and not for purpose than about anything else. Rather than offering a calculator service we ask you fill in our enquiry form so one of our experienced Hetas engineers can discuss your requirements through. This is more thorough than a simple room dimension calculation.

    Fire safety and children?

    On the market there are many sized cages or barriers. I recommend this for little toddlers and younger. However if your children are older I try to teach our kids about the stove and the dangers of touching it. The choice is ultimately yours and assessing the risk of your setup and little ones.

    How long will my stove last?

    Nothing can last for ever!! But all our stoves are chosen on the build quality. So with a regular service and good quality fuel, your appliance should last decades if used and serviced properly.

    Will it effect my house insurance?

    When we fit a new stove we will smoke test and commission it and give you a Hetas certificate to prove the stove and flue has been tested and passed Hetas regulation. Therefore your house insurance should not be affected by having a Hetas approved appliance fitted, but we recommend telling your insurance supplier none the less.

    Smoke controlled areas...

    If you live in a smoke controlled area you can have a stove fitted. To meet the requirements the stove has to be DEFRA approved and installed by a Hetas engineer, like us! We stock loads of smoke controlled stoves, please get in touch and we can help you make the right choice.

    What about the aftercare?

    We are a small local company, and our ethos it to help where we can. If you do have any problems afterwards we will endeavour to sort it alongside you.


    With discussion about emissions and banning wood burners in cities we are taking steps to ensure our stoves meet the highest emission efficiencies. All our Mendip Stoves already surpass the EU 2022 emissions standards future proofing all our installs with Mendip Stoves.

    Can I move my stove?

    We install your stove so it wont moved unless you want it to. We use fixings in all the pipe work so each joint is mechanically fixed as well as air tight with fireproof sealant. However if you need to move the stove the fixings are removable by one of our HETAS engineers, give us a call to discuss.

    Can I paint my stove?

    Our stoves come in a range of colours but the majority are sprayed black. If you fancy a change in colour or your stove is looking a little tired, we can supply or retro spray with our range of heat proof spray paints.